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About Conway County School Counts

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Conway County School Counts has a permanently endowed fund held with the Arkansas Community Foundation to support post-secondary education for any Conway County high school student who meets the School Counts criteria to attend UACCM.    

School Counts benefits every student in Conway County. More than 3,400 students from kindergarten through 12th grade hear about School Counts and its four core values every year from their teachers and the School Counts counselor. Students are encouraged to do their best work to earn good grades, always attend class, do more than is required and finish what they start.  These core values will help prepare them for a competitive workforce and high-paying job.

One of the greatest impacts community colleges have relates to workforce development. Skilled workers strengthen the state and local economy’s human capital. This results in not only higher wages, but also increased investment and greater returns to property owners, increased tax revenues, improved lifestyles, lower poverty rates, reduced crime, etc.

Whether a student’s goal is to take one course to update job skills, receive training for a new career, or earn the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, UACCM has an option that can meet specific, individual needs. The College may be able to help you meet your employment needs by providing you with highly-skilled workers who can increase productivity.


School Counts will open the door to higher education to many students who could not otherwise afford to go to college. Your support of this initiative now will help you reap future benefits when these UACCM graduates complete their degrees and enter the workforce.

All students are automatically enrolled in the School Counts program at the beginning of the 9th grade and are monitored each year through 12th grade to determine if they meet School Counts criteria. 

The History of School Counts

Inspiring Students Since 2006

In 2006, representatives from Conway County secondary schools, UACCM, and the local business community announced the Conway County School Counts initiative. The initiative promotes the value of education and provides the opportunity for every student in Conway County to continue his or her education beyond high school. The School Counts initiative provides financial assistance for current high school students and high school graduates to attend UACCM for general education or technical programs.

More than $1.1 million has been invested in eligible Conway County students since School Counts began. Investments from individuals, all K-12 county schools, local businesses, community organizations, foundations, and UACCM have helped make a difference in the lives of students and improved the future of Conway County through School Counts. The program has helped develop a better prepared, better educated workforce that meets the needs of local and new employers. School Counts has also contributed to an increase in the educational level of Conway County citizens while also promoting economic development and growth.

Today, eligible high school students may enroll in concurrent classes in both technical and general education programs at UACCM. This enables them to get a jumpstart on their college education and career while still in high school. Technical certificates are available in programs that include HVAC, industrial mechanics and maintenance, welding, diesel technology, construction technology, automotive services and more.

School Counts instills in students early the importance of developing skills and attitudes that help them succeed in the workforce. It is estimated that at least 3,400 students each year – kindergarten through high school throughout Conway County – hear the importance of quality, attendance, persistence, and goal setting as they relate to achieving a good job upon graduation.

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